Richard Goldgewicht, Director and Co-Writer

Richard Goldgewicht has written and directed an eclectic mix of films including documentary, animation and live action. From his award-winning short Blue Rondo (2000), inspired by Dave Brubeck’s experimental Jazz track ‘Blue Rondo a la Turk’ or his comical portrayal of the Middle-Eastern conflict in Tel Aviv (2004), to his feature debut Pablo, about the famed designer and counterculture artist Pablo Ferro (Rotterdam Film Festival Premiere, 2012, featuring Angelica Huston, Andy Garcia and the voice of Jeff Bridges), Richard has tackled a variety of subjects, always with a light touch and sense of humour. 

Richard has two forthcoming feature length documentaries: Lost Town, a personal account of the legendary Jewish town of Trochenbrod which ceased to exist during WWII, and celebrated in Jonathan Safran Foer’s bestselling novel Everything Is Illuminated. The film was produced with the support of George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch and premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival in April 2013, the home of the film’s protagonist. Currently in post-production is Gameplay, a documentary about the history and impact of video games in modern society. All three films share a personal storytelling style, with fine attention to art direction and wealth of visual effects. 

Goldgewicht splits his time between his native Rio de Janeiro, his on-going projects in São Paulo and Los Angeles.