During the 1930s, most German Jews were forced to leave their homes due to the political circumstances. By free will or against it, they left behind their lives, friends, neighbors, teachers... and some times their beloved ones.

Among those who migrated - many of them young - a significant number came to Brazil, where they created roots and built families. Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren joined and helped develop local society, into the most diverse cultural and professional roles.

Some became artists, filmmakers and producers. Among those ourselves, a group of Brazilians Jews of German descent who joined to tell a true story of immigration and love that occurred in 1933. Thousand Kisses unfolds around the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by Moses Waldmann and Natalia Haber, who left Berlin towards the then remote and little-known Rio de Janeiro.

While developing this project, we felt the wish of connecting with the descendants of Moses and Netty’s contemporary fellows left behind in Berlin. It seems to us natural and auspicious to reestablish new crossroads after more than eighty years of divarication . We want to know how they feel about this story, if it delights them as it does to us and if by chance they have the desire to be our partners in the project's unfoldings.

If you German, working in schools, universities, museums or related organizations, and interested in original cultural projects, how about joining us in efforts to share this story in new creative and exciting ways?

If that's the case, please contact us thru the mail addresses below.

Tausend umarmungen,

Eitan Rosenthal & Richard Goldgewicht