Eitan Rosenthal, Executive producer and Co-Writer.

Eitan Rosenthal, Executive producer and Co-Writer.

Eitan Rosenthal is the older grandson of Moses and Natalia Waldmann. 

Thousand Kisses started when Eitan, a long time amateur photographer, decided to scan, tag and organize his collection of about 15,000 analogical pictures. After gaining momentum, he decided to do the same with the old albums guarded by his mother. 

Old documents like letters, passports, birth and death certificates followed and with it forgotten family stories started to emerge.

It took about 3 years to narrow the narrative to a period that, paradoxically, left no trace of image... but did leave a strong and emotional voice: the original letters that Moses wrote to Natalia during the only period in their lives when they were separated. 

Professional profile

For 12 years Eitan was a partner at production company Trattoria, where he produced more than 500 spots, most of them in animation or mixed techniques. 

In his current career as Communication Consultant  he helps organizations to understand and deal with issues of the Digital Revolution, leveraging its opportunities and restraining its risks. His approach combines Digital and Productivity Strategies, two of the main branches that comprise the scope of modern Strategic Design.

With comprehensive knowledge of history, economics, politics, business and global markets, his professional values are commitment, curiosity, intellectual restlessness and constant pursuit of innovation. He graduated in business administration from University of São Paulo.