The Story's Soul

80 years after they were handwritten, in German, Moses' voice emerges, clear and expressive, thru a set of original letters. It is this voice that urges us to rebuild the universe around it, that comes back to tell us the story.

It is clear to us that the man who wrote the letters was transpicuous. He reveals no concern to hide his insecurity and even less to articulate any kind of loving games. Besides the words, his frailty and self-surrender are made visible thru the calligraphy. The use of paper to its maximum (and, as we learn reading the letters, also of the ink) is touching.

There is also a peculiarity in his style that puts us in direct contact with his beloved Natalia: Moses proves to be sensitive and careful with her feelings and affairs and often poses her as the focal point of the missives.


Click to download the complete set of original letters.